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北海道産酒BARかま田酒匠&北海道ソムリエ 鎌田孝

北海道産酒BARかま田酒匠&北海道ソムリエ 鎌田孝

Even if I have a “holiday”!
there is “no day to give its liver a rest!

Barth in 1960

the Hokkai Gakuen University
Department-of-economics business administration.

in 1989-1990, used be in London

★White-distilled-liquor adviser & sake sommelier.

★Hokkaido food Meister

★Hokkaido sightseeing master

★Head of Food&Beverage specialist Orgnization Hokkaido branch            

TakDo Planning corp Owner

《BAR Kamada》 Owner


A newspaper, a magazine, a technical magazine, a magazine with a very small circulation, television, radio, etc. have received many coverage in connection with “the white-distilled-liquor & sake from Hokkaido.” The test proctor of sake sommelier & white-distilled-liquor adviser and the appraiser of sake,the seminar about white distilled liquor and sake, and a lecture are also doing. To meet a request of people of heavy drinkers all over the country, national white distilled liquor and sake are introduced as a “Rakuten white-distilled-liquor shopping sommelier” at the “Rakuten shopping site.” The newest local information on Hokkaido is also continued.


 MY plaza building 8F
south 4 west 4,Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi,Hokkaido

Telephone: 011-233-2321

北海道産酒BARかま田 酒匠&北海道ソムリエ 鎌田孝

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